History of the yurt. The yurt is the traditional habitat of the Mongolian and Turkish nomads. The Mongolian yurt appeared about 2,000 years ago and has evolved substantially through the centuries. It is a family home including a single room. There are beds that serve as seats during the day, wardrobes and / or dressers, a coffee table where is laid the food. The only opening is the front door. It is easily removable and can be reassembled in a few hours.

The contemporary yurt

The Imago yurt is manufactured for the current comfort and safety standards. The structure is made of yellow poplar, it is covered with a fabric coated with PVC very solid and waterproof. It has a fiberglass door, flexible windows or thermos and a skylight of 5 feet in diameter. It is insulated and can be used in winter or summer.It is mounted on a wooden platform and can be moved easily when needed. A slow burning stove makes it possible to heat the yurt and live in comfort.

Several sizes available, between 100 and 800 ft 2. Between $ 5,000 and $ 15,000.

Use and sectors of activity

The yurt offers several practical and economic advantages that are highly appreciated. It is used as a recreational and utility vehicle, either temporarily or permanently, in towns, countrysides or isolated areas. By its lightness and design, it can easily be transported in a truck, with a mountain bike, in a pleasure craft, by plane, etc. It can be installed and livable in less than a day!


Offer our customers quality housing solutions to enable them to practice their sports and professional activities while having a building accessible, comfortable, safe, attractive, portable, and inexpensively. In addition, our company aims to make its homes with a concern for the environment, the quality of the materials in a context of sustainable development. Imago Structures is defined by its originality, its creativity and the respect of its commitments.

Awards and Mentions

First prize winner of the CEE-UQAC (Entrepreneurship and Spin-off Center of the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi) contest. Second regional prize for the Quebec Entrepreneurship Contest Saguenay, Lac-Saint-Jean 2010-2011.


The new trend, glamping, allows travelers to enjoy only the benefits of camping: it allows them to experience a nature experience without sacrificing glamor and comfort. Imago products, like our modern yurts, are a perfect example of glamping, because they combine solidity and comfort.

These out-of-the-ordinary buildings are not just rooms, they are an experience in themselves. Each year, this type of camping is attracting more and more interest. There is also growing interest in researching glamping on Google.



The equipment we use to design our products is selected according to the latest innovations in reliability and precision, to ensure impeccable and consistent results.