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The sail game offered by Imago is of high quality and offers the best guarantee of the market. The attention to detail and the strength of our facilities are paramount for us. According to the customer’s request, we also offer the design of the structure or other style of hanging as required. Our sails therefore have a long life and a minimum of maintenance.



With a possibility of 3 different types of sails, you will undoubtedly find one that will fit perfectly into your project.

The type of perforated sail will allow to see through the sail while having enough shade to be comfortable.

The semi-open sail is halfway between the open sail and the opaque sail; It is perfect for those who want to get a good source of shade without having a completely opaque material. Finally, the type of opaque sail ensures you have a complete shade in addition to being 100% waterproof.

More reason to let bad weather prevent you from enjoying your yard.



The woods used for our structures are Douglas Fir (BC Fir) and Red Cedar. These trees can be found in Canada. They are very popular under construction due to their many interesting features.


  • Privacy walls
  • Awnings
  • Awnings and pergolas
  • Shade sails
  • Small fixed structures and shading

Imago proposes to build for you the structure that will support your veil of shadow. To do this, we use quality materials that stand out for their durability. Our structures are very modern, aesthetic and can be harmonized in all kinds of environments.



The metal structure we propose for our shadow sail structures is made of structural steel that is resistant to all weather conditions.

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10×10, 10×12, 12×12


Polivre 86-2012, Bronze 86-2043, Blanc 86-2044, Métal martelé 86-2045, Alu/Grège 86-2046 A, Alu/Grège 86-2046 B, Anthracite 86-2047, Alu/Alu 86-2048, Alu/Blanc 86-2051 A, Alu/Blanc 86-2051 B, Noir 86-2053, Alu/Anthracite 86-2068 A, Alu/Anthracite 86-2068 B, Beige sablé 86-2135, Cocoa 86-2148, Vert mousse 86-2158, Bleu nuit 86-2161, Bouton d’or 86-2166, Béton 86-2167, Galet 86-2171, Champagne 86-2175, Orange 86-8204, Rouge 86-8255, Muscat 86-50260, Caramel 86-50261, Bambou 86-50333


triangle, carré, rectangle, sur mesure


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