Do you deliver everywhere?

We deliver our homes all over the world

Can I install my yurt myself?

You can install your yurt yourself with the help of our hassle-free installation guide. Our team of experienced installers can also take care of your turnkey project.

What type of flooring should I install?

The most common and economical type of flooring is the sandwich floor on a concrete leg. It is also possible to make a heated or non-heated concrete slab for more comfort.

Is the yurt comfortable in the winter?

The yurt is livable year-round with four season options

Is the yurt watertight?

All fabric joints are heat-welded to make the yurt 100% waterproof. Imago windows and doors are manufactured and installed to ensure that no water infiltrates the yurt.

What is the lifespan of a yurt?

Our fabrics have a 10 year warranty for colour and they are replaced after about 20 years.

Does vermin easily get into yurts?

Imago yurts are installed to prevent vermin from getting inside.

Is the installation and delivery of our products included in the pricing?

Delivery and installation are not included in our pricing. Prices are calculated based on the delivery address of your yurt

Where can I see your products?

We can welcome you to our tourist project Imago Village to see our different products by appointment.