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Installation of the yurt

Some people want the experience of building their own yurt. This is possible with the Imago yurts and the installation guide provided with the purchase.

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Living in a yurt

Every day, every week, someone in Quebec asks us for information on whether it is possible to live year-round in a yurt. In addition to being an affordable solution, the yurt is a project that can be quickly accessible.

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Installation in the wilderness

Another great advantage of the yurt is that it can be installed in places where it would be almost impossible or, say, extremely complicated and expensive to build a conventional type of dwelling.

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A chalet or a yurt?

When you own or rent vacation land, it is often with the aim of developing and inhabiting it. According to the town planning rules which are specific to each type of land; depending on zoning or municipal rules, several options are available to you.

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